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 Rules and Template

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PostSubject: Rules and Template   Sun Sep 27, 2009 7:46 pm


1.Always use the template no matter what, even if you have to hurry and make your skill because your computer is going to explode use the template. It makes things easier for us to read and makes approval quicker.

2.Do not copy another persons skill. Don't even take the name of the Ability and just change the element of it. That is just stupid and will not help your chances of approval.

3. Make your description detailed. It makes it easier for people to understand what you are using and how it works. It also helps you get on the Admin/Mod good side.

4. Make sure you know what you are doing before you post because then you will just be wasting our time and prolonging the approval of other people's skill. Know the name, type and everything else of your ability beforehand, and make it suitable to your fighting style. Remember a fighter is only good as the Abilities he chooses to use.

5. Do not ask for approval, we will get to it when we can. Now if it becomes like a week since you post then you can ask us. Asking for approval earlier than a week will get a more critique point of view when we look over it, which means less chance of approval.

6.No God Mod skills. If there is even a small hint of god modding in it then it cannot be approved so please refrain from that.

Ability Limitations:

Less than 25 posts: 1 skill
More than 25 posts: 2 skills
More than 50 posts: 3 skills
More than 100 posts: 4 skills
More than 250 posts: 5 skills
More than 350 posts: 6 abilities
More than 650 posts: 7 abilities
More than 850 posts: 8 abilities
More than 1250 posts: 9 abilities
More than 1650 posts: 10 abilities
More than 2500 posts: 11 abilities
More than 3250 posts: 12 abilities
More than 4000 posts: 13 abilities
More than 5000 posts: 14 abilities

(NOTE: Def increase may not exceed 5 and Atk increase may not exceed 6.)


Name: (The name of your skill.)

Cost: (How much MP/HP does it cost?)

Effect: (What happens when you use this?)

Type of Skill: ( Is it a healing skill? Is it an elemental skill? Is it an enhancement skill?)

Element: (What element does your skill have?)

Damage: (How much damage does it do?)

Def Increase: ( By how much is this stat increased?)

Atk Increase: (By how much is this stat increased?)

History: (Where did you obtain this skill? What has it done? What do you plan to do with it? Explain more about your skill.)
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Rules and Template
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